Why Being Social Will Save You As An Entrepreneur

Why Being Social Will Save You as an Entrepreneur

September 21, 2015
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Oktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.com

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you probably (hopefully) LOVE what you do & find yourself diving head first into your work Monday-Friday! BOOM – go you! *insert fist bump emoji here*

Many of us, myself definitely included, struggle to turn off ‘business mode’ & settle into a little, y’know, relaxation? I am constantly thinking on ways to grow my business or blog, how to help my clients, what I can create, who I can meet + the list goes on. . .I’m sure a lot of you are nodding your heads at this point! Right? Awesome. That means that you are invested in what you do!

So, you ask, why is this a bad thing?. . . It’s not! But I’m telling you first hand, as an extroverted invert (aka a social homebody), that we THRIVE as human beings when we are social! & what does entrepreneurship often breed? Us doing the exact opposite of getting social.

Here are the ways BEING SOCIAL can save you as an entrepreneur:

1. You will gain INSPIRATION

Socializing allows your mind to be active, encourages a positive attitude, helps you gain new ideas + electrifies your ambition! When we are engaging in conversation, presentation or group discussion our brains actively process everything going on & is greatly stimulated. Our minds are being stimulated in a entirely different way during these activities & this is crucial for us if we work from home, alone or with a virtual team.

Socializing with like minded people + friends beyond social media (heyyyo, as a social media consultant, I sympathize that the struggle can be real) allows us to understand others, tap into feelings + discover other perspectives.

As entrepreneurs, we can take this energy + positivity and devote it directly back into our endeavors. By being more rounded socially, you allow yourself to thrive in those Monday-Friday (or whenever your hours may be) work weeks. You can take the ideas or concepts you gained in a conversation, or the encouragement from a friend and use that in the next project you are developing. For me, it is the best inspiration to grab coffee with a friend or client & dive straight into work after. Having a good conversation or helping a friend compels me to finish my day’s work & I find myself brimming with fresh, enthusiastic ideas.

2. You will build COMMUNITY

In entrepreneurship, we all need one thing: COMMUNITY. (Okay–and wine)
But really, by interacting in person with your family, friends, peers, people in your industry + even people in other industries, you are building just that. We all need good souls to sympathize with, discuss ideas with, collaborate with & even lean on when we need someone to talk us down off the cliff! And in return, you can offer these same moments to others. You can support them, encourage them + build up partnerships.
Entrepreneurship can be hard. Plain & simple.
But with a community of inspiring, uplifting + supportive people–it’s a whole lot more enjoyable.

3. You will grow your BRAND

When you are out with loved ones, new friends or peers, your business (aka your passion) will likely come up in conversation! & here’s the reality–don’t feel like you need to sweep all work-related topics to the curb. It’s okay to talk about what fuels you (just not the whole time). Talking about your livelihood actually builds your brand. Someone you are chatting with, or someone they know, may need your services or be interested in what you are doing!

Some of the best work relationships I have ever built have spurred from a conversation I’ve had while out enjoying my time with friends. You never know when you can fill a need for someone else or when organic, personal conversation can spark a business connection.

4. You will gain CREDIBILITY

Now, you may not gain much credibility by just chatting with your gal pals or grabbing a drink with friends BUT in terms of networking events, local meet-ups, speaking gigs or collaborations, you will definitely up your credibility as an entrepreneur.
One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients + peers alike is how some brands align themselves to be such a local (or national) staple. Gaining credibility is one of the keys to success as an entrepreneur!
So, my advice is GET OUT THERE. Meet people in your industry or complimentary industries (i.e. if you’re a florist, complimentary industries would be wedding photographers, planners + caterers) and show them your value! When you are socializing with entrepreneurs in this fashion, you are showing both them + your audience that you are a credible business owner.

5. You will feel HUMAN

No matter how you look at it–if you spend most of your time alone, tucked away at your house or studio (or even coffee shop staring at your computer screen), we tend to lose a grasp on our humanity. We need conversation (preferably challenging or fun), laughter + positive attitudes surrounding us to light that spark.
By being social, we can tap back into what makes us human. Our genuine, true selves–not the ones who are working to beat a deadline, or selling something, or figuring out how to grow our businesses. But instead, the ones who have a sense of humor, who are kind, who are passionate, who are making the most of our lives.

Personally, I am a social butterfly and feel energized when people are around me. However, when I am immersed in work I tend to retreat to my quiet home with little to no interaction with other humans and totally ignore my need to be social.
That is until I am an emotional mess, feeling as if I am in over my head, completely overwhelmed by work–reality check, anyone?
Being social goes a long way.
If you are introverted (or an extroverted invert like me) then you’re not bothered or burdened by working alone. Although, introvert or not, I still believe it is absolutely vital to socialize (go on, push yourself!) because we draw inspiration from human interaction.

Get out there. Call your friends. Set up that coffee date. Meet clients in person. Go to a networking event. Plan a collaborative shoot. Love on your family. Go explore your city.


Last weekend I got out of the city & breathed in some mountain air, had some brews + hung out with some really kick-ass friends of ours. We enjoyed a full day of Oktoberfest aka Septemberfest since, y’know, it’s not October yet?
And you know what happened after? I had a majorly productive week! It energized my spirits & left me feeling inspired. . .
Oktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.comOktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.com Oktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.comOktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.comOktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.comOktoberfest at Snowbird - elanaloo.com

Snowbird Sunset - elanaloo.com
Snowbird Sunset - elanaloo.com  Snowbird Sunset - elanaloo.comSnowbird Sunset - elanaloo.com

So there you have it, friends! ENJOY this life we live, both in business + in company.

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  1. Abby says:

    This is a great article! We LOVE Oktoberfest- we’ve been a couple times already this year. Looks like y’all had fun.

  2. Shamira West says:

    Great Article! I agree. We should all be social. I think this can apply to anyone.


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