Photographs have the ability to captivate, educate and illustrate the value of your work. They give a look into your world, visually tell your story and have the opportunity to engage your ideal clients at first glance.

Photography is vitally important to sharing our stories but consistently creating content, not to mention - stand out, captivating content - is an exhausting challenge all businesses face. We’ve witnessed this so closely over the years: the frustration, the overwhelm.

It’s been said that a photograph is worth a thousand words, right? Well, in today’s digital landscape, we’d say they’re worth even more.

Feel empowered to create a cohesive online presence & actually
look forward to sharing updates and insights into your business

Say goodbye to endlessly scouring stock photo websites,
only to see them pop-up everywhere else

Finally be excited about sharing imagery that looks and feels like you!

Yet, when equipped with a solid foundation of powerful, high-quality imagery on hand, you’ll:

To alleviate the stress but deliver something more meaningful than you expect. To empower you with the visual tools to help tell the story of your life’s work. We aim to capture the true essence of what you offer, the heart behind your brand and the details that make your business unparalleled.

create visual messaging that goes much deeper than just garnering attention on social media, while simultaneously helping you to rise and shine brighter than the rest.

Our Goal is to create something that is part of your legacy.

Let us help you

Get started



We are photographers, yes, but we’re also visual brand strategists who care about implementing your vision and mission.

To honor that, we start with a thirty minute phone call to explore the scope of the project and ideas that will set your imagery apart. We nail the vision for the shoot and compile a cohesive mood board to ensure we’re on the same page. 

Planning & Prep


Next, we begin discussing location details and logistics, sourcing needed props and outfits, as well as fully preparing you so your shoot day is smooth sailing.

Shoot Day


We arrive on site, complete any final prep, and then get to shooting! The depth of our photography experience enables us to give our clients a really impactful service and a unique perspective. Over the years we’ve been referred to as a full production company in two people!

How It All Comes to Light


View our portfolio

-Jenna, Sebasco harbor resort

"The photos Aaron & Elana created for us are stunning. We could not be happier about these images and what they accomplished! We are blown away. I must say, I had to do so much convincing to have Sebasco host a team of photographers. But everyone really enjoyed both Aaron & Elana and they are thrilled  by the imagery! Thank you for your energy and your insight. We would absolutely love to work with you guys again." 

"Before, I felt as though my personal brand was missing a visual identity —something that truly represented my style and personality. Because of this, I struggled to show up on social media, share my message and market my services. Since working together, I have built a recognizable brand that others find easy to interact with. Additionally, the images Aaron & Elana produced significantly enhanced my website and positively impacted my brand’s professionalism and conversion rates."


"Aaron & Elana truly understood our vision and quickly delivered an amazing result - our team was thrilled!" 

-Nicole, jet star magazine

Working with Aaron & Elana feels like a spontaneous and planned adventure at the same time — wildly creative, yet intentional. And deeply memorable, too. I’ve learned firsthand that powerful, unique photography makes my brand more recognizable, relatable and human, thus instantly connecting me with my audience and community.


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Kind Words

from Past Clients

You’ll Be Empowered With:

30 Minute Clarity Call

Custom Brand Moodboard

Deeper Understanding of your Ideal Client

Visual Tools to Help Tell the Story of Your Life's Work

Minimum of a Two Hour Session & Beautiful Gallery of Images

Let's make waves together

INVESTMENT starting at $3,000


1.  How many images are included?
This can vary based on your needs and final proposal, but anywhere between 20-75. 

2.  What’s the turnaround time?
A gallery of high-resolution images are delivered to you within four weeks. 

3.  Approximately, how long will the images last / how often should I do a brand shoot?
Our intention is for your images to last a long time and for you to be able to strategically share them across your online platforms, alleviating your need to constantly create content. That being said, a brand shoot biannually seems to be sustainable and impactful for most of our clients.
4.  Do you travel or do I have to be local to Hawai’i or Maine?
Yes! We are happy to travel anywhere you want to send us. For product-based shoots, we can also discuss options for shipping your products to us.

5.  What kind of brands do you shoot for?
Our clientele spans industries from creative entrepreneurs, ecommerce, brick and mortars, resort properties, travel magazines, and more. The through lines between our clients are a clear vision and quality offering. You can browse more of our work here

6. Do I have to be present the day of the shoot &/or for the duration?
If you’re a product-based business and not necessarily needed in the photos, then no! We can create a robust, unique gallery based around our approved vision board without you being present.

Don’t see your question listed? Ready to work together?