You’re here because you want a sustainable strategy that helps you grow your business both today and far into the future.

You’re not looking for a few quick tips & tricks - you want to dive deep, evolve, stay relevant as platforms change, and consistently book clients so you can experience a wildly fulfilling business.


There are a lot of social media “experts” and incredible photographers out there, but I’m passionate about empowering clients like you to live out your goals and values through a vision that goes so far beyond just yourself.

I know what it’s like to rifle through every single resource you can get your hands on only to still feel stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed by all of the fluff in the industry.

You could continue feeling this way, or you could partner with someone who gets it...who gets YOU...and the people you’re trying to serve.

I know to my core that’s possible for you, and it’s what we’ll help you achieve together.

That give you a tangible, sustainable guide to everything you don’t already know

Digital Resources

Offerings that put things in black & white to truly bring you results

Social Media Consulting

Services that help you define and maintain a consistent and recognizable brand aesthetic



I can’t promise the voice of fear that says, “You can’t do this” will go away forever, but I can promise that I’ll be there with an echo that says, “Of course you can!” 

I have a strict no-bullshit policy, so you can rest assured, we’ll be digging deep into your marketing plan, determined to provide you with solution-based outcomes that can withstand the changing tides of the digital landscape. Ready to dig in?

It's time to increase your impact, grow your business, and deepen your life. 

“Since working with Elana, my business has quadrupled. Through our consulting, I regained my confidence and began reaching for bigger things. With each new endeavor, that voice of fear whispered, “you can’t do this,” and each time I could hear Elana’s voice answer back and say, “of course you can!” She empowered me with a strategy and gave me direction as a business."


"I test out a lot of things but didn't have anyone to coach me on what was actually making an impact in my business! Too much trial and error was getting to me & making me feel stuck. I walked away from my strategy session with a better understanding of my brand and what direction I need to go! Not only did Elana address my next steps on social media, but she also helped me realize my worth + how iconic my work is.”


"Before, I felt as though my personal brand was missing a visual identity —something that truly represented my style and personality. Because of this, I struggled to show up on social media, share my message and market my services. Since working together, I have built a recognizable brand that others find easy to interact with. Additionally, the images Aaron & Elana produced significantly enhanced my website and positively impacted my brand’s professionalism and conversion rates."


“Before working with Elana, we didn't feel like we had a voice or a focus in our online marketing efforts. We didn’t have a framework to refer to and felt completely lost. Our sales were affected by our stagnant energy online and we needed new creative ideas. Consulting with her opened up a new way of thinking, taught us to use our time online efficiently and has made us much more intentionality in everything we do. We now feel empowered & equipped with so much knowledge and a custom strategy to adapt as the online landscape changes and grows!”


“I'm happy to say that through mentorship, analyzing, critiquing and coaching my blog has some amazing things on the horizon. Working with Elana is WITHOUT A DOUBT one of the best investments I've ever made.”


"Aaron & Elana truly understood our vision and quickly delivered an amazing result - our team was thrilled!" 


Kind Words

from Past Clients

Let's Dive Deep

Our clientele spans industries; whatever your wheelhouse, we’ll offer you tools and solutions to maximize your potential. Here’s a look inside our tailored, 4-step process to bring more intention and consciousness into your life & business.

This work begins with looking inward to analyze what’s working, what’s not, and where can you improve. We can’t influence and impact others if we don’t make self-reflection a regular practice in our lives. This initial discovery is a critical component to setting yourself up for what’s next.

Might We Suggest...

The Sustainability Checklist


With areas of improvement identified, it’s time for a bit of a clean sweep. Whether that’s reducing your contribution to the growing amount of plastic pollution in our oceans or dropping the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary. We want you to acknowledge where you feel an obligation, and replace it with something that gets you excited. By welcoming education and reducing the excess, you’ll start to feel calm and clear about what you need to do.



Next, we implement a plan, get into action, and start cultivating the habits and behaviors that create lasting change. Whether it’s thinking you’re efforts won’t make a difference or second-guessing your decision to invest in yourself, we keep you in the driver’s seat, refine the plan, and make shift happen.


With clear progress, defined goals, and a compelling vision, all that’s left is dedication to making mindful choices, finding solutions, and building your community to continue growing your impact. It’s less about speed and more about consistent, sustainable action that continues to create a ripple effect.



Our tailored 4-Step Process



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Want a glimmer of paradise in your inbox? You’ll receive advice spanning from tips on slow travel, to regenerative solutions for everyday life, to insight for capturing your life in an artful way.

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