Although each of us is but a drop in the ocean, we have the power to set off a ripple effect with a global impact. Educating myself and others on how to create a more sustainable future at the individual, corporate and governmental level is one of my greatest passions.

We hope to help mindful individuals become more awake, aware, and activated in making conscious decisions in their lives and businesses. It’s not about deprivation or inconvenience, but instead awakening to the bigger picture and becoming more attentive to other solutions and swaps that reverse our damaging habits and behaviors.

By sharing concepts & ideas, our goal is to help activate individuals and solution-based businesses to create a more responsible world.

Learning to

Phases of Activation

It starts with an awakening - opening our eyes, seeing the problems that exist, and not liking what we can no longer ignore. We’re committed to educating ourselves and our community on the real facts and hard data that’s out there so we can make informed decisions and lasting changes to reduce our footprint.


Once we’ve awakened to what’s happening in the world around us, we can become increasingly aware of our own actions, habits and behaviors that either contribute to the problem or begin turning the tide. Here we encourage involvement and conscious listening to the earth’s cry for help.


Now awake, aware, and ready to make continued lifestyle shifts, we support, share, and partner with companies and organizations  offering tangible solutions. It’s an exercise in using our voice and our wallets to show what we care about. We explore and encourage innovations that overcome what once felt impossible.


Regardless of where you fall amidst these phases, I know it can be confusing & frustrating. Almost every other post that pops up on your Instagram feed is an ad for fast fashion or something convenient (and most likely wasteful) for your life - hey, it’s cute stuff, the price is right, and you think what’s the harm?!

It’s an easy pattern to fall into, and that’s exactly what it is...a habitual pattern!

One that creates clutter in our homes, drains our wallets, pollutes our environment, washes up on our beaches, and still leaves us feeling like we’re always chasing after the next best thing.

Simply find the ONE Thing that shocks you, and start by making a small improvement. It will change your entire life.

The good news is...we can break this pattern. 

The good news is...
we can break this pattern. 

The trendy, polyester shirt we saw pop up on that Instagram ad can take up to 500 years to degrade
compared to less than 30 days for organic cotton, hemp, linen, or raw silk clothing alternatives.

Or your go-to afternoon iced coffee in a single-use cup takes up to 20 years to degrade,
compared to the waste-free alternative of bringing your own reusable mug to the cafe. 

It’s a staggering difference.

Here are some mind-blowing examples: 

There is more plastic on our shorelines than seashells. I wanted to know the origin and what I found out, shocked me. I learned that the modern lifestyle we are living is contributing massive amounts of waste into our natural environment & harming full eco-systems, wildlife & the human race currently and will continue to for generations to come. 

our journey started with witnessing plastic wash up on The shores of Hawai'i. 

Only 9% Of Plastic EVER Created Has Been Recycled

in ways that helps you feel confident, empowered & able to live MORE with less. 

12% HAs been burned, 79% is in landfills or our oceans

BUT the good news? It's much easier to avoid creating this waste than you think!

Through the articles & resources we share here on the site and on social, we aim to help you

 Our current recycling system is broken & relying on a system that isn't guaranteed is no longer serving us or our planet.
And plastic is only one piece of the giant sustainability puzzle.

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Waste Beach Clean Up  
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Then Go Here


Offset Your Carbon Creation

 One long-haul flight generates more carbon emissions than the average person around the world produces in a whole year and that's only ONE of the ways we contribute to climate change. So what can we do?

Reduce the amount of carbon we create by: flying less & choosing routes with the least stops, using public transit or carpooling, switching to solar power for our homes, eating more plant-based meals and...

Did you know air traveling is one of the 'dirtiest' things we do?

OffsetTING our carbon AS INdIVIDUALS

OffsetTING our carbon as a business

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