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Summer Bucket List

July 1, 2015
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There’s not another way to put it. . . Besides that summer snuck up on me this year & rattled my heart like, ‘BOOM—it’s July!’ Wait what?!

In the midst of trying to comprehend that, I thought about how much of summer I have missed out on & how many things I want to do with this beautiful, favorite season of mine.

We all have hopes for this season—to make it better than the last, to see something new, to stretch out each day as long as we can. I think that’s natural makes the anticipation of adventures to come oh-so sweet. A tradition of mine is to create a summer bucketlist to enhance that feeling + to remember all the glorious ways I want to spend my days!

This year, I thought I would share it with you! In hopes to inspire some fun memories in your summers + to hear any ideas that I should add to make the summer of 2015 that much better!

So, here it is–my summer bucket list:

California road trip ✓

In early June, for Aaron’s birthday, we road tripped from San Diego to Laguna to Santa Barbara and loved every minute of it!

Explore a new hike in Utah ✓

YAY! Hiked Bald Mountain! It was incredible!

Stil would like to: We went to Diamond Fork Hot Springs already, but I would love to hike Red + White Pine Lakes, Lake Blanche, Lake Mary, Hidden Falls & many more in Southern Utah if I have a chance to head down that way!

Ladies Brunch

Or with anyone who would like to sip bloody’s + consume a delightful meal. You get the point, I just love to brunch. I believe it’s the best meal of the day ; ) Some of my favorite spots in SLC are Ruth’s, Avenue’s Bistro, Oasis CafeThe Green Pig, Rye, Pig & a Jelly Jar, Whiskey Street + Roots Cafe. What are your favorite brunch places?

Paddleboarding ✓

Paddle boarded while up to camp & on Megunticook Lake + out to Curtis Island while in Camden! I’ll share a post of our Maine adventures soon.

We are huge fans of SUPing! So I’m hoping to snag some paddle boards for the day from Vertex + head out to some local lakes! It’s awesome exercise & a great way to get a tan!

Find the perfect vintage sundress

Practice Surfing ✓

We loved surfing with Christian of Progressive Surf Academy while in CA but would love to go another time before fall!

Have a beach picnic/wine date/bonfire ✓

On the night of the blue moon (unknowingly) we packed up the car with firewood, wine + snacks & headed to the beach. The ocean water sparkled in the bright moonlight. We danced, told stories & swam in the midnight blue ocean. It was such a fun time that I want to have another one maybe around sunset! What a fun summer memory.

Every year when we’re on the east coast, I think how amazing it would be to spend many summer nights out on the beach by the fire, sipping a glass of wine. This year, I hope to make it happen!

Read some amazing books

I have already started re-reading one of my favorites, Sweet Salt Air, but I’m hoping to read some more off of my summer reading list! Do you have any favorites?

De-clutter our home + donate

2015 has been the year of minimalism for me! I have sorted, donated + decided to only keep things that are needed or that are truly timeless + my exact style. That may sound silly, but I was the queen of keeping things that had even an ounce of memory to them, or anything that might come back into style! It wasn’t healthy. So this year I chose to make it a point to address all the stuff in our home–this summer, I will continue to do so! It feels so good & I encourage you to try it!

Soak up the summer evenings from the hammock

Head ‘Upta Camp’ ✓

Yay! Finally made it up north to enjoy the r&r, silence & family time!

Is this phrase foreign to you? It was to me before I ever ventured to Vacationland aka Maine! It means to head up to the cabin for the weekend/week. But Mainah’s refer to cabins as camps & so the phrase is ‘let’s head upta camp!’ I love it. Aaron’s family has an amazing camp in Northern Maine & I haven’t had the chance to head up for two summers–this summer will change that! Can’t wait to unplug, refresh & relax!

Have a BBQ 

Spend as many Saturday’s as possible at the farmer’s market

I’ve only gone to the SLC market once so far, but I left with a full basket full of produce & a happy heart. I want to go many more times & to make as many seasonal recipes as possible!

Go camping + stargaze 

I’m definitely wanting to make a trip down to Moab Under Canvas but even some short trips up into the cottonwoods will make this outdoor gal’s heart happy <3

Go kayaking ✓

While in Maine, Jules & I spent two days sharing a tandem kayak & had ourselves a ball! 

While we’re upta camp, I’m sure there will be plenty of time to spend out on the lake paddling!

Make homemade salsa

I make a meannn homemade pico & make it on a bi-weekly basis but I would love to try out a new recipe, like Lauren’s recipe for Roasted Tomatillo Salsa!

Watch fireworks ✓

Hoping to catch some killer firework shows this fourth of July weekend! Sugarhouse Park is famous for them–where are you headed to watch them?

Have pool days

Send snail mail ✓

Surprised Sara with a little sweet treat all the way from UT! On her way up to her honeymoon in Jackson Hole, WY her & her new hubby stopped in SLC. They grabbed breakfast at Pig & A Jelly Jar & couldn’t get over the amazing jellies they make. She was so excited to receive them & that touched my heart! 

love to receive mail, so in return, I love to send mail too! I hope to write some of my friends that are spread out across the country & maybe even send some love-packages.

Distress my own denim cut offs

Go to a drive-in movie

It’s been years since I’ve headed to the drive-in & they are so fun! Why not cozy up with loved ones, take some snacks & enjoy a new movie?

Send postcards on vaca

I do send postcards every chance I get but I’m hoping to really remember these next few trips! Upon receiving them, I always feel special–thought of, & love hearing of friends’ travels.  I want to spread the love from the destinations I’m headed to in the next few months!

Go to an outdoor concert

I don’t have any plans for one yet, and am always hoping that Mumford & Sons will have a surprise pop-up concert in SLC (one can always dream, right?), but I’m keeping my eyes out for an opportunity to lay out a picnic blanket, sip something cold & jam out on a warm summer night.

Bike around town

Clearly, I love to ride my bike! It is one of my favorite things to do no matter the season. The wind whipping past your face, the different perspective you have cruising slower down the streets, the thrill of trying to ride with no hands. . . I may fail every time but I always love trying, it’s like a glimpse back to childhood. My beach cruiser was a gift from Aaron for my last birthday & I am so thankful for all the rides it’s taken me on.

Update our home w| more recent photos

Why is it SO easy to update our social media channels but when it comes to updating our home, where we spend so much of our time, we struggle? Or atleast, I struggle. Chatbooks is an awesome way to get photos in print & I have some photos printed from Instantly Framed. But I really want to change out some old photos with newer ones & give our frame walls a refresher!

Wear less makeup

Summer is the time to focus on the health of your skin, get a little bronze on those checks & ditch the heavy makeup. I love that this season empowers me to embrace a bare face!

Be spontaneous 

By nature, I am a planner. It’s not my most favorite thing about myself, but definitely has come in handy at different points in my life. But not in summer, no–not this season. This season calls for spontaneity, an easy going nature & someone who is up for anything!

So, summer–inspire me, capture me, challenge me. I am ready to embrace you for all your worth!

To check out images from different bucketlist adventures, be sure to check out #elanaloobucketlist on Instagram!

What does your summer bucketlist look like?

Outfit pictured in photos: Clad & Cloth

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