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Hello, Hello

April 7, 2015

Let me be the first to say: welcome to my new site! As long as I have been able to talk, I have been a storyteller. Over the past few years, I have refined my writing + photography into something I feel passionate about. Something that started out serendipitously has become something so much more. It’s been a slow & thought out process to finally start my blog and I couldn’t be more happy (or nervous) to share it with you. So here it is–my digital journal of sorts in which you will find stories of life, love, adventure and travel.

LIFE | Let’s be honest: I’m a talker. Rather than spilling all my thoughts & stories simply through my Instagram handle, I have been wanting a platform to share, connect and hopefully relate to others who are on this same crazy journey called life. I want to share about authentic, true moments, not just the ones that seem like they’re perfectly pieced together. Because that’s real life–being proud & sharing all your facets.

LOVE | Love is a great, inspiring thing. It’s what makes the world go round, ya’ll! I want to share all sorts of love stories. Small love stories, such as ones of amazing brands or people I admire, alongside big love stories, such as the ones about the incredible people I have in my life. I believe in the saying “passion changes everything” + I want to share about the things I am passionate about + the things I have great love for.

ADVENTURE | Each day we have adventures–whether it’s climbing Mt. Everest or burning the new recipe you made for supper. The good + the bad, the grand + the minuscule–these stories all make up the fabric of our lives. I want to use this site as a means of giving a voice to the small adventures as much as the wildy-inspiring ones in hopes that you’ll share yours with me.

TRAVEL | My story wouldn’t be complete without a chapter of traveling. With family on each coast of the U.S. + a long list of “must-go’s,” traveling is a part of my core. Experiencing new places, people, cultures + food will always excite me. So naturally, sharing the amazing, memorable, hilarious and even lesson-learned stories of my travels will definitely be part of this journal.

I want to be frank & say that in no way do I feel like I have a more important story to tell than the next person. I am starting this journey to simply share my perspective & to cultivate community. To say that I am thrilled for what’s to come would be an understatement. What an exciting journey to be embarking on! Thank you for reading along, encouraging, supporting, and celebrating with me.

xxo, elana

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Thanks for reading! I'm a photographer, writer & environmental advocate excited to be sharing regenerative solutions, ideas & concepts for our lives & businesses with you. 


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Want a glimmer of paradise in your inbox? You’ll receive advice spanning from tips on slow travel, to regenerative solutions for everyday life, to insight for capturing your life in an artful way.

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