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Four Podcast Listens For Entrepreneurs

May 2, 2019
Woman listening to podcast about sustainable social media strategies and healthy entrepreneur mindset via @elanaloo +

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed on a handful of impactful, influential podcasts with some amazing hosts. My hope is that after listening to these episodes, you’ll have some new, bad ass podcasts to add to your playlist! I’ve shared a brief description of each episode below.

Heartful Podcast by Brooke Schultz

Learn what I think about the whole idea of “influencers” (and why I cringe at the term), how + why I made the big leap to Hawai’i and my process of creating life on purpose, plus a some takeaways to up level your creative work that you can do TODAY! This conversation with Brooke spans across the topics of entrepreneurship, creativity and mindset. It’s juicy, it’s funny and it’s straight to the heart. She is an incredible soul and it was an honor to reconnect with her on this episode.

Room To Grow Podcast by Emily Gough

In this episode, we discuss some powerful topics that deserve more attention like sustainability in our health, business + environment. We touch on how to create a healthy hustle, not allowing ourselves to wrap our entire identity around our work.

Along with these other topics:

  • Ways to create freedom in our lives to live and play within our days.
  • How my time living in Hawai’i has taught me how to live life with more intention.
  • How to get clear on your WHY in all aspects of life and doing the work to educate yourself.

Most importantly, we share a powerful, compelling and eye-opening discussion about the environment. Living here in Hawai’i, where there is such a sensitive ecosystem, we have a front-row seat to some of the most serious effects of climate change and plastic usage. Emily + I chat about taking a responsible, realistic look at your role in the grand scheme of things. It’s a good one, I hope it will give you a lot to think about!

Ideas with Intention by Shannan Scott

My dear friend Shannan had me on her podcast Ideas with Intention to talk about something we as entrepreneurs tend to overcomplicate: SOCIAL MEDIA! Our conversation is all about stripping down the strategy and tuning into what’s always been at the core of every platform — the opportunity to make genuine connections and real relationships that can fuel your business in ways you may have not even thought of. On this episode, I share some important realizations I’ve had with my clients and actionable tips you can implement in your strategy starting right now.

Laptop Lifestyle by Alexis Teichmiller

One of Alexis‘ specialties is inviting people to be honest and genuine online. She uses her voice to remind others that connecting with others on a soul-level can be life changing. In this episode, we chat about:

  • The value of being authentic and setting boundaries online
  • How you can make money from your creative passion while traveling
  • The importance of profitability over popularity when it comes to building a success business online.


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Want a glimmer of paradise in your inbox? You’ll receive advice spanning from tips on slow travel, to regenerative solutions for everyday life, to insight for capturing your life in an artful way.

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