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Gratitude Is Everything

November 24, 2015

Gratitude | Couple Poses | In Love |

There are so many reasons to be thankful this year. & this day.
Gratitude is everything.

Life happens. Quickly. Unapologetically. Beautifully.

It whooshes by in a chaotic, splendid manner of schedules + routines which leaves us wondering– “where did the time go?”

I think often times we get caught in the moment, in the routine, in ourselves.
We subconsciously dwell on what ‘isn’t happening’ or ‘what we don’t have’ and forget to appreciate what is going on + what we do have. I know that’s something I slip into at times.

Around this time every year, we are reminded to step back, analyze + realize the many blessings we do have in life. Although I wish we reminded ourselves this each day, I believe this is a very important, introspective time of year. To me, fall will always be sort of a sacred season–prompting major shifts, changes + reflection in our lives. As the leaves start to fall, the feeling of the season becomes more present and the true things that matter in life start to come into focus.

Now that we are on the last pages of the calendar, we can look back at what we hoped to accomplish + take into account what came to be. With these thoughts comes the reality that it’s our last opportunity to make this year really what we had hoped it to be. It’s the last celebration. The last hurrah! Spend more time with loved ones. Reach business goals. Start a long-awaited project. What intention did you set for yourself this year?

Gratitude | elanaloo.comStyle Post with Old Navy + Target | Gratitude |

In these crazy  next couple of weeks (more on that later…) I am going to pause + reflect as much as possible. To remind myself of how this year has grown me, changed me, taught me so much about myself that I never knew. I will be entering the new year with a clearer perspective, a stronger mindset. Life doesn’t always go as expected–reality check for all of us–but that doesn’t leave any reason not to be thankful, because many times what came about unexpectedly is what shaped us, possibly even what made us all the better. This year certainly proved that for me. & maybe, just maybe, the unexpected is what we are most thankful for this year?

As I sit here writing, I can’t help but smile thinking about all of the pieces of life that fill me full of thankfulness.

*As you sit here reading this, think about all of the pieces of your life for which you are thankful. I bet you can’t help but smile either.*

Today, I am hoping to inspire something in both myself + you to think more about the things that are good + beautiful right now, instead of focusing on things that have gone against your expectations or things that have not come to be quite yet. It is good to hope + strive, always, but it is equally important to enjoy what is here + now and to let gratitude vibrate in these hearts of ours.

Style Post with Old Navy + Target | Gratitude | elanaloo.comStyle Post with Old Navy + Target | Gratitude | Gratitude | elanaloo.comStyle Post with Old Navy + Target | Gratitude | Gratitude | Style Post with Old Navy + Target | Gratitude | elanaloo.comIn Love | Couple Pose | Gratitude |

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your night + holiday week. Squeeze those loved ones of yours extra tight + express your sincere gratitude. Make real memories + be present in the moment with them. I am feeling so thankful to be in this season of life and to continue this week with a positive spirit. To enjoy the crisp, cool air + even the possibility of snow!

It’s the little things in life for which we must always be most thankful.
Make your week an amazing one.

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Want a glimmer of paradise in your inbox? You’ll receive advice spanning from tips on slow travel, to regenerative solutions for everyday life, to insight for capturing your life in an artful way.

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